My Current Work

As an artist, my work is inspired by nature. Living in Montauk, I’m surrounded by boundless bursts of it. It’s my muse with many faces: the exceptional light, the vast sky, the ferocious ocean.  Although my art is abstract in style, it invariably invokes images of water and air.


The technique I use is called Encaustic. The word derives from the Greek word “enkaustikos”, which means, “to burn in” and it is the name used to describe hot wax painting.


I start every piece by melting beeswax and then enhancing it with color.  Next, I paint with the wax adding many layers, one onto another, fusing them together with a torch or a heat gun. At times I use shellac firing a torch to craft it all into formless forms, allusions of a scene or hints of a landscape. It is unformed but sculptural at the same time. The weighty substance of the wax built up in layers, or constructed ridges or jagged surfaces give the work an expression more substantive than conventional painting.